About ESAM Ministry.

This Ministry is born of the grace of the Lord of hosts our God, the Creator of all, and Jesus Christ our Lord and Redeemer.

One day in May 2014, I found myself without planning it, (but by God’s plan, so by His grace) to Church at Montreal. Since, after I heared prophecy and repent, revelations have followed one by one.

The Lord spoke to me in several ways, through several people (servants) in different churches of Quebec City and Montreal.

One day, during a group prayer by phone, I heard a woman prophesying: I give you Canada“. (This Sunday, 22/March/2015, while I was thinking about it, being in church, the Lord confirmed it to me. Glory to God!). Please, understand it in a spiritual way.

He also spoke to me directly through Bible verses in  dreams, the first was 1 Samuel 7: 17 when I asked Him for details about His call. 

Samuel served as judge and prophet. He also built a temple in Rama, his hometown.

Later, He gave me Acts 8, John 13, Luke 22, Isaiah 6, Isaiah 42:1-7, etc.

In Isaiah 6, God sends Isaiah to speak to His people. That makes this ministry have a mix of missions including including evangelization, prophecy, intercession in case of revelation, divine message delivery,  publishing inspiredarticles. ESAM is not a church.

On Friday, December 19, 2014, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, my Lord appeared to me.

I’ve also seen Him on February, first and 12th and on March, 28th 2015.

On May 27th, 2015, I lived in a dream his crucifixion, on  June 1st 2015 He sends me to tell people that his return is near.

The name of the Ministry came from the names Ésaïe (Isaiah) and Samuel, prophets and judge, servants of God in the Bible.

In the night of March 21th, 2015, the Lord revealed to me my ministry.


ESAM  is registered at the federal level as a non-profit organization.

Glory to God.

Joseph Guindeba

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