Modes of contribution

One can contribute in several ways:

1- Prayer for the ministry

2- Distribution of the brochure of evangelism

Printing and distributing the evangelism leaflet in your vicinity make the work of the Lord Jesus Christ grow. As disciples, we are all called to do evangelism. Glory to God!

3- Divulgation of the contents to friends and contacts

You can also serve the Lord by divulging his word all over the world. This is possible today through the information technology as for person to person. It is useful to send links of this site or articles that will help your knowledge.

4- Translating content into other languages

For now, the servant is alone, with the help of our LORD, to writing the website content, first in French, and then translations into English and Italian. If you feel comfortable with one or more languages, and want to dedicate us some translation time or fault correction, glory to God!

5- Improvement of Ministry’s web site

If you are a web programming specialist and you feel to dedicate a few hours for Christ Jesus by contributing to the improvement of this site or you want to help in some way you can to make it richer and easier to navigate, to make it user friendly, Glory to God!

6- Submission of comments, suggestions or reports

No one is perfect, but God and Jesus. Words can be with fault and error, words can hurt. We will be very grateful to receive comments, corrections, ideas, proposals, or anything that will allow us to move forward in glorifying our common God.

Thank you for your help, may our Lord who sees everything bless you.


Joseph Guindeba

Servant of Christ