News from my place of detention in Quebec

News from my place of detention in Québec

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Since January 5, 2017, I am no longer in Quebec. By order of the Lord, I left Quebec.

During the night, He said to me, “Get up and get out of here.” I left the city to go to Montreal very early in the morning. From there, in the afternoon of the same day, the Lord told me to leave and I left.

May the Lord keep you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Psalms 23.



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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I would like to informe you that I am free since friday 14th, after three monthes of detention. Doctors have decided to let me go home. Thank you a lot for prayer and support.

They continue to come and give me medicine that affect my brain at home. I do not need it as always, but I can not refuse because the superior court gave them the right to force me. Continue to pray for me to stop that.

May God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen !
Joseph Guindeba


Dear brothers and sower in Christ, I come by this message to you informed of the  developments of my situation in the situation. Practically since July 13th 20016 I am in detention without anu possibility to go out here in Québec city in a mentally ill hospital.

I have do not have any health problem, but the enemies of the Gospel, who are fiercely opposed the work of God took advantage of an opportunity, a dispute, one day, to take me to the emergency, then from there to here at the institute after I have  been brutalized at each step.

People are hostile to God and Jesus Christ here, I do not know why they hate the name of  Jesus, while He died for all of us. They say that my belief level is a delirium, a psychotic behavior that is harmful for me and for others. In short all kinds of slander to justify their unbelief, which I am never opposed to. I respect their belief and all I need is my belief be respected. I am for Jesus Christ of Nazatreht and I will die for him.  Nothing can change that.

God is my witness:

Psalm 121
2 My help comes from the LORD,
Who made heaven and earth.

Since the day they bring me here, a war prisoner is better than me. I live badly, high risk of merder that threatens me. If I tell you everything that happens here inside, you will not believe.

Since then they have managed to get all the permissions they need to administer whatever they want to me (under the label of drug, label of medicaments, but mortal such as analgegics).

 Since fews days ago , I am forced to take high-dose of painkillers, Under the label of Epival. I did research, I came to realize that these are painkillers. I do not have any kinde of pain. For you to guess.

They keep increasing the dose, because I survived the previous dose. I took liquid form, now it is the compressed form they give me.

My legs are hurting me from that day I take that medicine. They do not care about the side effects of these drug. They Want to kill me and all means are good to reach the goal.

Now they give me Lithium. My face has changed, I see that my skin is strange, but they are insensitive to side effects. Because their goal is to kill me.

Having understood that chemistry has no effect on me (Mark 16), they try to kill me barbarous ways by brute force (beating, choking, in collusion with other employees such as cleaners and other). I also get a lot of spiritual attacks by Satanists among them.

Come to see! 2601, chemin de la Canardière, Québec, QC

Doctors Diane Leblanc and Roch-Hugo Bouchard are murderers and they insist to kill me. Every day they are conspiring with accomplices  who come from everywhere.
I want them to know that life belongs to God and Him alone. And only God who can remove it and He can remove it to anyone and at any time.

They do whatever they want without any worry. They feel being protected, by invisible people, hidden persons. Let them know that it is God who protects me. Thank you.

Note what you are reading: “Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Québec” is a place to kill people, christian people. They do this in several ways: poisoning, strangulation, beating or others. From this moment, ou cannot say you do not know. It is a well-structured organization antichrist, doctors, Physicians, Nurses, social workers, attendants, cleaners, and more others. They work with hospitals. After having written a lot of lies and slander to keep me here, they are writing all sorts of lies in my file to make the world believe that I have suicidal thoughts. It’s incredible what I see here. Am I in Canada ???

I have the feeling of being betrayed by the country I loved so much and touted for years, Canada!

On several occasions, after having administered lethal substances to me, they call to make an appointment with the transport vehicle (disguised hearse  to take my body, I do not know where maybe to Vatican, to the funeral home, to cemetery or to incinerator, .. etc they know.

The Lord lets me know when the time the car is passing through my window.
Immediately after, they come to me and see if I am dead, they return disappointed when they see that I am still alive. Then the truck, the car leaves.

Glory to God in Jesus Christ, To Him alone ! Amen!

The LORD is my shepherd, my stronghold. Glory to God!

He encourages me with messages or biblical verses that he gives me:
  • Psalms 46 (God, our refuge and our strength)
  • Psalms 141 (Prayer to be delivered from violent men)
  • John 11, Revelation 11

And by miracles, signs and wonders:

One night the Lord stopped the moon in heaven and showed it to me through one of the two windows in my cell. A few hours later, he woke me again and showed me through the other window. In both cases the moon remained fixed for a long time and there was like a man’s head within it. And He said to me: “You see, do not be afraid, I am with you”. Alleluia!

By the grace of God, who always honors me, I have already raised in the name of Jesus Christ many people they have sacrificed, killed. This situation further degrades the relations between us and complicates my conditions of stay, which have never been good, since they have always sought to kill myself.

They are really furious. I have never seen human beings doing evil or wanting harm to their fellow men in this way. The only explanation I can have is that they are impure spirits that animate them (since they deny God). These people are demons in the flesh. It is the Lord Jesus Christ who protects me from their claws. I suffer all sorts of attacks, even spiritual ones, from Satanists people who are numerous among them.

Meanwhile, I continue to pray that the power of darkness fall.

May the Lord bless you. Amen!

Josph Guindeba, servant Of God and Jesus Christ

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