Prophecy: Shooting against Donald Trump

Prophecy: Shooting against Donald Trump

Yesterday, September 26th during a short sleeping the Lord revealed to me a ball attack against one of the candidates for the US presidential elections, ie the person of Donal Trump.

For my part, as I always did, I interceded for him. I Invite Mr. Trump to prayer and to listening to the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ. All power comes from him. There is no authority not coming from God. It is the Lord who chooses kings (presidents, ministers depending on appellations) to the nations.

I invite Mr. Trump to read the Bible, pray and seek a servant of God if possible.

To all the American people I say this: God gave you authority to dominate over the nations for years, it is important not to abandon God in your everyday life. Pray God for a president and leaders of his choice for you and seek his will in all things you do.

For a long time I prayed for peaceful elections and a good president for the United States. God bless you in Jesus Name. Amen!  

Prophet Joseph Guindeba

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