The disciple of Jesus Christ must pay attention to what he watches

The disciple of Jesus Christ must pay attention to what he watches
 Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,
The disciple of Jesus Christ must know what to look at and what not to look at. For example, there are millions of videos on the net like on Youtube and Dalymotion and thousands of TV shows accessibla to public. It is important to distinguish what is useful to us. Some videos are evil in that they transmit not only harmful messages but also unclean spirits. So the Christian can receive spirits just by looking at images. Pay attention to what you are watching!

The other day, in my sleeping, I made an unhealthy dream after watching a video of an acrobatic lady. Before that I had made an evil dream after watching the preaching of a man who appeared to me in dream, that means he is not serving God. These false servants do not only transmit false messages, but they also transmit demons. Often they come to you in spirit. It is important to follow the Holy Spirit when he warns us about something. The Christian has the right to entertainment, but not in the manner of the pagans.
I remind you once again that women can not teach the Word of God, contrary to what we see more and more throughout the world. Do not go to their show and do not follow them on TV or on YouTube because the Lord does not approve what they are doing. There is no woman pastor, apostle or doctor in the body of Christ Jesus of Nazareth. God does not contradict himself.
1 Timothy 2
12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.
Finally, I invite you to persevere in the reading of the Word of God, thus we can avoid many traps coming from the Devil.

May the Lord bless you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Joseph Guindeba, servant of Jesus Christ

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